About WAOR

Mission Statement:

The function of the Waco Association of REALTORS®, Inc is to serve the Membership with  education, professional competence, public awareness, political involvement and social  activities. The end product is service to the public.

The Waco Association of REALTOR® is the trusted voice for Real Estate in the Waco  area and a valued resource for our members and community.

WAOR Committees:

Budget and Finance Committee
The Budget and Finance Committee formulates and makes recommendations concerning financial planning, investment management control and budgeting, and to monitor the Association’s finances so as to provide efficient utilization of its resources . Prepare an annual budget for submission to the Board of Directors for approval.

Bylaws Committee
Review and recommend changes in the Board’s By-Laws in order to keep them current with NAR and TAR. In conjunction with the MLS Committee, review and recommend changes in the MLS Rules & Regulations in order to keep them current with NAR and TAR. Report the changes to the Board of Directors and as prescribed in the By-Laws, follow the procedure to have them ratified by the Members.

Education Committee
The Education Committee provides members with education programs to increase their skills and knowledge in real estate transactions. Encourage policies relating to the entire scope of real estate education in the state. And analyze, consider, and act upon recommendations made by its various committees. Promote designation programs available from TAR and NAR and its instituts, societies, and councils. Provide yearly calendar of classes to be held for the upcoming year.

Events and Social Committee
The Events and Social Committee is responsible for creating an annual plan for all meetings and events for the Membership, in conjunction with coordinating and promoting the Membership activities throughout the year.

Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee actively monitors City, County, and State activities that could impact our REALTOR community. The Committee will conduct interviews with Local elected representatives when appropriate. Report and recommend to the Board of Directors any endorsements or contributions.

MLS Committee
The MLS Committee is responsible for making necessary updates to the MLS Rules & Regulations, and the MLS Policies and Procedures and prescribed by NAR and TAR or as need by the Board. The Committee is also responsible for making necessary decisions concerning violations of the MLS Rules and Regulations or MLS Policies and Procedures.

The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing all New Members for approval by insuring they meet all Membership requirements. Promote regular attendance of Membership at Board functions. Assists in planning forums to keep Membership informed of growth and development within our service area.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting Candidates through an election process to serve on the Board of Directors.

Realtor Image
The Realtors Image Committee focuses on creating strong relationships between REALTORS and the community. This Committee actively works with the REALTOR Membership to help support community outreach programs and activities, promoting a positive image for REALTORS.

TREPAC Committee
The TREPAC Committee is responsible for actively soliciting TREPAC support from REALTOR Members, as well as educate the Membership about the importance of TREPAC for the real estate industry. The Committee will coordinate TREPAC fundraising events throughout the year for the Membership.

YPN (Young Professionals Network) Committee
To be the voice of a fast-growing group of REALTORS® young professionals who are focused on personal growth, networking, and association involvement. The YPN Committee should be a diverse group, culturally and geographically, with a primary focus on helping young professionals engage in Association activities: Encourage young people to attend meetings and participate in committees at the local, state, and national level. Provide a way for young people to network and learn from one another, through both social events and education aimed at helping them enhance their real estate prowess and increase their survivability in a highly competitive industry.

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