Waco Board of REALTORS® Educational Foundation


This Waco Board of REALTORS® Educational Foundation is created exclusively for public, charitable and educational purposes.


  • To assemble, maintain, enlarge and provide adequate housing for a modern library (books, journals, periodicals, recordings, films, and other literary media) on general and special subjects in the field of real estate, for use, research and reference by members of the general public, school faculties, governmental authorities and other interested persons;
  • To foster and conduct, for members of the general public and other interested persons, institutes, seminars, forums, training courses and other programs on various subjects in or relating to the field of real estate;
  • To cooperate with other exclusively educational institutions in dissemination of information and educational material pertaining to real estate to students and the general public;
  • To provide scholarships and loan funds to assist worthy and outstanding students in the field of real estate studying in educational institutions; and to otherwise encourage such students and others to enter active careers in real estate, as teachers, authors, developers, builders, statisticians, appraisers, property managers, investors, dealers, brokers and like followings;
  • To promote and encourage, by way of awards and other forms of recognition, outstanding civic accomplishments in and valuable contributions to the field of real estate on the part of the general public and various professional groups;
  • To add to the general knowledge of the public in the field of real estate by encouraging research and promoting the writing and publication of books and other literature upon subjects pertinent to real estate, such as: development and construction trends; available housing; fair rental values; fair returns on real estate investments, residential commercial and industrial leases; problems and techniques in acquiring residential and business property; real estate uses and values as affected by slums and blighted areas, prevalence of crime, drought, drainage, water supplies and sources, road and sewer programs, municipal beautification, school and church sites, restrictive covenants; and similar subjects;
  • To conduct studies and assemble current data relating to real estate valuations, equalization, taxation, uniform zoning laws, municipal financing, and similar subjects, and to make those results and findings available to the general public by appropriate means of communication;
  • To adopt such other means and methods as the Trustees may from time to time determine to be appropriate for the accomplishment of the broad public, charitable and educational purpose for which this Foundation is created and which are not contrary to the general spirit and intent of the Foundation or to the other terms and provisions hereof.
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